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Rest of the World


Australia was the promised land for many British families after the second world war.

George Albert Kosbab saw this as an opportunity for his young family, and with his wife Doris (Rosser) emigrated from England with their two young sons (Derek and Michael) in July 1952. 

They first lived in Tasmania and later settled in Melbourne, Victoria where they later had two more children.  A daughter named Wendy and the other... a very smart, intelligent, good looking lad named Brian Kosbab. Your author...

Kosbab Legs

All you guys are thinking I am going to tell you about how great out ladies legs are...  
Barbeque Table Legs is what I am on about...

You see in Australia, the women do everything...  The cooking, cleaning, washing the car, taking out the rubbish and building new table legs for the barby table when the old ones have worn out...

Sorry, but I don't have a photo but by all accounts, there is talk of a new business venture... 

Buy 3 get one free!
Guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Contact Joanne Kosbab Melbourne Australia


One only has to think of BABUSHKA to think of a Russian connection, but that is where the connection ends.  We have no information otherwise to suggest a link.


Italy Reference


See Bulot in France


Late one night I was doing some research when it was suggested that at some time late in the 17th Century, what is now Poland and was Germany was once upon a time... Sweden.

Oh yes, another headache!

Swedish Information Sources