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The English (UK) Connection

All Kosbab families living in the United Kingdom (England) except for one are direct descendents of Otto Kosbab.  Otto (Henry Franzt) Kosbab and his young bride Louise (Huenchen) emigrated to Middlesex, England some time around 1877.  They had 6 children including the eldest, my grandfather Henry Kosbab.  Henry Kosbab married Maud Mary (Westlake) and together they had 10 children including my father George Albert Kosbab.

It is Carol Haley who is responsible for the bulk of the research you see on this web site.  I was fortunate enough to meet Carol through my Kosbab research not realising she was my cousin. 

The old Kosbab Family Tree was hosted by Family Tree Maker. (It is still on the web site at the address below)  My cousin Loren Kosbab very kindly passed on her copy of the software to me, which now formulates the new Family Tree hosted on our own Ripe Fruit server.

New Kosbab Family Tree (Hosted on the Ripe Fruit server)

Old Kosbab Family Tree (hosted by Family Tree Maker)

Kosbab Coat Of Arms

The logo symbol that appears on the first page... Curious?  When I first published several coat of arms from Hinter Pommern that I had found in my research, Carol Haley spotted them and it sent a chill down her back.  Years previous when sifting through a market stall, she had come across a letter opener that begged to be taken home.  And home it went, to be cleaned and stuck in a drawer until.... 

Interested in the 1871 Cornwall Census... Go to.... 1871 Cornwall Census


Comments: Great Site - one hardly knows where to begin. Will spend some time browsing and hopefully find a lost rellie. I have came to the stage in my research where there blank walls in every direction. KOSBAB and HINCHEN from Germany - so they said. Westlake from Devon, but possibly from Cornwall, Hodgers and Vincent from Cornwall, but possibly lived in Devon at some time, and so it goes on. Bertoli and Stafanini from Italy and Bulot from France. Should any of these names ring a bell, I'd love to hear from you. Now I'm off to browse. Carol Haley. England. Tuesday April 13th 1999 03:13:35
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