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Origin of the Kosbab Name

The Kosbab surname originated in Germany around the early 1800's.  The majority of towns associated with the surname Kosbab are in an area known as Hinter Pommern, a type of state or county (area) east of the Oder River.  Today this area is part of Poland (re-indexed 1945) and unfortunately, records are scarce.

We have no record of the Kosbab name before 1814.  There does not seem to be an  obvious answer as to what it might have been derived from or from where.  Research has shown that the name is unique in its spelling with only three main groups... KOSBAB(216), KOSBAU(68), KOSSBAB(2). 
It is more than probable that both KOSBAU and KOSSBAB are spelling mistakes, and should be Kosbab.


We know that Kosbab's started emigrating from Germany around the 1850's.  The majority emigrated to the United States of America.  We have information that some went to Canada but we have no evidence of this.  One family emigrated to England around 1877.  One source suggests that Kosbab's came from Hungary.

Any other associations and country references can be found in our world section.

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