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Maps & Background Information

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Old (very) Pommern Map
Mecklin (northern coast)
Old Pommern Map
Old Pommern Map

Pommern Map
Pommern Map
Hinter Pommern Map 

Background information: Information about Germany and the maps... Click Here

This old European map was found recently and gives us a better idea of Berlin in relation to the Oder river which was the dividing point of Pommerania.

europe-w.jpg (756962 bytes)

Die pommerschen Kreise Ende 1913

Hinter Pommern map

Map courtesy of HinterPommern

Map from Gerd.  Note: Gerd has marked Bandeskow in Kreis

Map of Bandsechow

Map courtesy of Gerd Kosbab.

Old Pommern map...

Map of Pommern pommern_map.jpg (72602 bytes)

Even older Pommern map

Map of Pomrania


1. The East European Map Room has a 51 map collection from the Comprehensive Atlas and Geography of the World (published by Blackie and Sons in 1882 in Edinburgh, Scotland) cover almost all of central and eastern Europe, including all of the German Empire and the Russian Empire. This includes European Russia (east to the
Urals) and trans-Ural Asian Russia (Siberia and the Pacific).

2. Poland: One map is posted. We are still actively looking for a really good map of 19th century Central Poland.  Poland did not exist as a nation for about 126 years prior to the end of World War I. However the Austrian, German and Russian partitions of Poland are shown as parts of their respective Empires on the maps in this Map Rooom.  We came up with a map of the Polish provinces of the Russian Empire (i.e. the Russian partition of Poland) - see the index below). 
3. Russia: The European part of the Russian Empire of 1882 is now posted in ten maps. Asian Russia is represented by seven maps.  Four features are significant in each map of the Blackie and Sons collection:

  • All of these maps show 19th century boundaries between countries and provinces (which some other maps do not). 

  • The divisions of the Austro-Hungarian and German Empires are clearly shown, as are the Russian guberniyas.

  • They provide a good balance between having enough detail and allowing for small enough file sizes of relevant geographical divisions to permit reasonable loading times.

  • These maps were published in English, making the place names familiar versions that our less experienced genealogy record searchers are used to.

A level of consistancy exists with all these maps from one source, that is convenient and useful in working with areas covered by adjacent maps. In other words they seem to fit together well, like matching pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in most cases.

4. Hutterite Collection A collection of six excellent 1994 maps showings 16th and 17th century Europen place names of importance to Hutterite record searchers have been posted with the permission of the Plough Publishing House of the Hutterian Foundation. The come from pages 816-821 of The Chronicle of the Hutterian Brethren. A Gazetteer is being created for each map, since none exists in that book.

Austro-Hungarian Empire (Osztrák-Magyar Birodalom)

  • Northern Hungary (Észak-Magyarország) -

  • Eastern Hungary, Transylvania (Kelet-Magyarország, Erdély) 

  • Western Hungary (Nyugat-Magyarország) -

German Empire (East)

  • Brandenburg, Prussia (includes Berlin)

  • East Prussia

  • Pommern (Pomerania), Prussia 

  • Mecklenburg Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz-

  • Posen, Prussia -

  • Silesia, Prussia -

  • West Prussia -

German Empire (West)

There seemed no point downloading these maps so I have retained the link direct to the source where they can be dowloaded, if required.


Central Europe, 16th Century - WEST

Not a particulary visually exciting map but it does give us some idea of the borders at that time.


  • 1902 map of Russia's Polish Provinces (154K)

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