Lily Kosbab

I have to say that over the years tracing our family history has provided some twists and turns and the occasional surprise.

None more so than today when I received an email with a photo attached of my Aunt Lily.

I have included the email below with the surprise being that she called Lily, LUCY.

Lily Kosbab

My Aunt Lily was born on the 7th January 1909.

The picture below was taken on her 98th birthday.  Not a bad innings for the old girl.

A few interesting observations about Aunt Lil

  • Sailed her own ship – she lived and worked in the United States for many years I think as a nurse.
  • Clothing – when she visited us in Australia in the 70’s, my mother was shocked at Lil’s dress sense (short skirts, bright colours).
  • Secrets – Lil had knowledge of her fathers background* which she never told anyone.
  • Lily Kosbab (Root File)

*Henry G Kosbab – I have not been able to discover his birth date or place.  Aunt Lily apparently knew but wasn’t telling.  She once said to me: “best you don’t know, best no-one knows”.  What that was meant to mean is anyones guess.  What was she hiding?  Why didn’t she want me to find out?

I visited Aunt Lily a number of times at her place in Ashburton Devon where she lived until she died.  We met some people and visited some places in my search for family.  I met Aunt Queenie who was suffering Alzeimers and thought I was my father (George).  We visited Horra Bridge which my father fondly remembered as the place he spent many holidays at.  Horra Bridge was where my gand parents lived, and I got to see the house and even bump into some friends of Aunt Lil who remembered my father.

Another surprise!  I discovered that one of her sisters (Florrie) lived but a few minutes walk from Aunt Lil’s house in Ashburton.  Not once in all the times I visited Aunt Lil had she mentioned her sister or that she only lived around the corner.  I visted Aunt Florrie (and her husband Jack) and discovered that they had a disagreement with Aunt Lil (something over family) and the two had not spoken a word in almost 20 years.

Lucy (Lily) Kosbab

I thought I’d drop you this photo of Lucy – it was taken on her 98th birthday at her home in Ashburton, Devon, England.

Lucy was a best friend of mine for over 10 years – age truly is no barrier to friendship – I was born in 1978 ?.

A really wonderful lady who is still very much missed.

Best wishes and kind regards

Emma Douglas (19/5/2016)