About Kosbab Web Site

This website documents the research of the surname KOSBAB, based on the Kosbab family that emigrated to Australian from England in 1952.

The Kosbab family is pictured above, from left to right, George, Doris, Derek, Michael, Brian (me) and Wendy Kosbab.

The oldest reference I can find to this website (kosbab.org) is dated 14th December 1999, when the website address www.kosbab.org was registered.

The website has enjoyed many appearances and links to some long-forgotten websites but remains steadfast in it’s original aim:

Trace the origin of the surname “KOSBAB”

I have to admit being a little taken back in March 2013, when looking for a friend on Twitter, I typed in kosbab for curiosity sake and shocked to find not one or two, but hundreds of Kosbab’s.  I’ve always known there were lots of Kosbab’s in America, but with so many on Twitter suggests they may be now far and wide across the world.

We’ve joined the 21st Century and now on Twitter, so come and say hello.

It does not change our original aim: where did the surname originate from?

For the Kosbab who arrives here, and does not want to trawl through the many pages that have been created over the years, here are a couple of worthy-mentions:

  • The oldest Kosbab reference we can find comes from Poland/Germany in 1865.
  • Most research on this web site relates to Kosbab’s from England and Australia.

If you hunt through the original website pages linked below, you will find some interesting information about the Kosbab family and its origins.

Genealogy Research

2013 – New Web Site

One of the benefits of being a nerdy web designer is knowing what is achievable in web site terms.  I’ve known for some time the benefits of WordPress as software for a website, but in 2013 I discovered there is now a plugin that supposedly imports a GEDCOM file and will display a family tree.

As I have been using Family Tree Maker software to update and create a new family tree from the one that has been online (since Adam was a boy.. Adam as in Adam and Eve), then I know it can create a GEDCOM file and provided the plugin does what it says it can do, then we have an up-to-date family tree and website, so stay tuned, I am working on it right now.

Something else that is good, as well as being important is that all our existing internal links will continue to work, because the old website is still there, along with the old family tree.