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I am searching for the surname Kosbab. Edward Kosbab was born in 1857 in Hinter Pommern, Germany. His wife, Augusta Gewanzki, Genofske, Genowski (not certain of spelling) was also born around 1857 in Hinter Pommern. Edward had 2 brothers and 1 sister (possibly more). Edward and Augusta were married about 1875 in Hinter Pommern. Edward came to Sandusky, Ohio, U.S.A in 1878 and Augusta came in 1881. Edward’s brothers, August and Albert Kosbab stayed in Hinter Pommern. Edward’s sister, Henrietta Kosbab, married Wilhelm Nutzki, and also settled in Sandusky, Ohio, U.S.A. Would like to learn what town in Hinter Pommern the Kosbab family came from. It is possible they came from the area, formerly known as Stolp, Germany, but I have found no evidence of the exact name of the town. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Marcia, Sandusky, Ohio, U.S.A.
Marcia <>
Sandusky, Ohio, U.S.A. – Mittwoch, 15.September 1999 um 01:54:00

Aus „Trauregister aus Hinterpommern” 1. Kreis Naugard (1) (by Franz Schubert)
11.05.1866 Wilhelm Ludwig Kosbab, Heizer in Stettin, 24 Jahre (V.: Karl Gottlieb aus Damnitz bei Stolpe) == Dorothee Louise Wilhelmine Griessbach, 26 Jahre (V.: Johann Christian Friedrich, eigentümer in Neuzhof) (Parochie Gollnow)
Aus: „Nach Flut und Vertreibung” Ein neuer Anfang in Ostholstein. List of fugitives (expellees) from prussia after World war II
Karl Kosbab, born 13.02.1878 and his wife Anna, nee Klemm, born 07.08.1883 were sent to Stendorf (Kasseedorf) on 21.05.1946. They came from Lauenburg, Pomerania.
Johannes Kosbab, verwitwet, born 29.12.1812, was sent to Stendorf (Kasseedorf).He came on 08.06.1948. He was a war-prisoner of the British. He came from Schlochau, Lauenburg. Name of his son: Manfred, born 26.05.1940

Name: John Hendrikson

My great grandmother Emile Stein was married to a Carl Stein and they were the parents of my grandmother Alvina Stein.  Emile later married a Carl Kosbab and had several children with Carl.  This was also Carl\’s second marriage.  Do you have any information on these people.  I believe they lived in Fairmont Minnesota which was also the location of my Hendrikson great grandfather. I have traced Emile to her origins in Sweden.

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Name: uhing , karl wilhelm
Country: germany Date: Sun Apr 16 14:42:59 2000
Comments: wie kommt der name uhing in ihren stammbaum?

Name: Colleen Kosbab
Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 11 20:51:46 2000
Comments: I would like to know how I can add my husband, my daughter, and myself to your family tree. My husband is Christopher Kosbab, one of two sons of Neil Kosbab, son of Herman Kosbab.My husband’s e-mail is, and he would like to hear from you, too.Thanks,

Colleen E.M. Kosbab

Name: Toni Burrier (Kosbab)
Country: United States Date: Mon Apr 10 23:50:35 2000
Comments: Ijust found this by mistake and I am glad that I
did. I hope that I can be able to find more info
about my family on my father’s side, Robert William
Kosbab. His mother is Katrine (Katherine)Kosbab and
his father is Maximillian Kosbab). Any help that
you can give me on this family is greatly appreciated.Toni

Name: Elizabeth Tretow Cunningham
Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 5 06:08:45 2000
Comments: I was doing a homework assignment for grad school
tonight, and was working on biographical works on
the web. Through some strange meanderings I located
this website, because my great-grandparents were
William and Anna Kosbab. They come from Prussia
to the State of Wisconsin around 1900. If I ever
have time to figure out some of my ancestry, I can
hopefully add to the tree. It certainly appears
to be a lot of hard work and hours of searching.
It certai

Name: Carol Haley
Country: England Date: Sat Mar 4 00:43:36 2000
Comments: Yes Brian I got a bit muddled, but I did mean Henrietta Louise and not Louise Auguste – it’s hardly surprising with such repitition of names. By the way you can add the surname of SWAIN to Queenie’s Reg.You’e done a super job on both the Kosbab and Odger’s trees – again, congratulations!!

Name: Mary Astone
Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 27 04:14:11 2000

Name: Pamela Foster
Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 23 06:27:27 2000

Name: Jessie Kusibab O’Brien
Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 5 12:47:17 2000
Comments: I have found errors in microfilm where Kusibab was mispelled and spelled Kosbab instead..Thought I’d share this with you….

Name: bruce a witthuhn
Country: usa Date: Wed Dec 29 04:15:18 1999
Comments: I notice that someone has entired my grandparents as:BROEHM,Flora est 1904 /M KOSBAB,Harold
KOSBAB,Harold est 1902 /M BROEHM,Floraon your site. I would be interested in any additional information on their family tree as I do not have any information on my grandfather’s, Harold Kosbab, heritage.Sincerely,bruce A Witthuhn

Name: Carol Haley
Country: England Date: Thu Nov 25 00:24:35 1999
Comments: IN MEMORY OF WENDYWe only met once, just before the birth of her second child, Nichol. Before we left England for Australia in 1981, Wendy wrote me, and for the next couple of years we corresponded. Without her kindly help in all things Australian, we would have had a more difficult time in finding our way around.I only wish that I had kept up writing.

Wendy, your going has saddened us all, but we shall not forget you.

Your Cousin, Carol