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Wilhem Otto Bartz

John Herman Bartz

Mary Bartz

Paul Bernhard Bartz

Wilhelm Bartz

Germany and Poland

Information sources confirm an area known as Hinter Pommern in Germany was re-indexed after 1945 and is now in Poland. Bandekow Badesow Bandsechow Bandsechow Bandsekow Bandeskow See notes re: Band…. Berlin Berlin Bezirk Bezirk Bezirk Bremen Burzen Burzen Coeslin Coeslin German Genealogy Sources Gelderland – Relates to a number of towns Hinter Pommern Hinter Pommern Read More…

Related Surnames

The surnames below have been found in relationship to KOSBAB, albeit in some cases¬†distantly. Feel free to contact us if your name appears and you also have information on KOSBAB.¬† ABBETT, ABBOTT, ABERCROMBIE, ACLES, ADAMS, AHLBECKEN, ALBER, ALBRECHT, ALGER, ALLEN, ALLEY, ALLISON, ALSETH, ALTERMOT, AMBORN, AMUNDSON, ANCHORS, ANDERSON, ANDRES, ANDREW, ANDREWS, ANGELL, ANKENY, APPLEGATE, ARENDS, Read More…