3 George Street, Richmond Victoria 3121

Doris and George Kosbab moved their family into 3 George Street, Richmond Victoria 3121 around 1957 and lived there until 1968 when they moved to 1/18 Hartwood Street, East Kew, Victoria 3102.

The house in George Street, Richmond along with the house next door at No1 were demolished some time in the 80’s.

Today the two blocks of land form a park known as Gahans Reserve which is owned and maintained by the City of Yarra.  Map

For many years we believed there were no remaining photographs of No 3 George Street until the one below surfaced of the house taken around 1968 when the property was put up for sale.

The second picture was taken in Nov 2014 showing the park that is now in its place.

My sister (Wendy) loved this house and was very sad when she learnt it had been demolished.

3-george-st-richmond-3121 georgest-20141130


I thought that 3 George Street Richmond was built in 1909 or 1910 by Charlie Neal for my grandparents E B and Mary White.

They moved to Fulton Street East St Kilda in about 1930.

I understand there was some controversy at Richmond  Council when the house was demolished.

I do not know how big the house was, but the Whites had 9 children living there in the 1920s.

My father spoke about a house being built next door when he was a small boy, perhaps in 1916 or earlier.

Ian R P White

Today I came across some notes dated a few years ago which suggest that the house built for E B White in 1909 (or 1910) remained in White family ownership until his widow died in 1958.  (It must have been rented out after the Whites moved to St Kilda in about 1931.)

The next time I am in Melbourne, in a few months time, I will try and look up Council rate notices or other similar records .