Welcome to the house of Kosbab!

Tracing the origins and history of the surname KOSBAB.

 The KOSBAB family web site is genealogy based research into the history of the Kosbab surname including references to Kosbau, Kusbab, Westlake, Rosser and Huenchen.

The surname Kosbab is a very old German name and means: Goat Shepherd
kos (for: Ziege = goat)
bab  (for: Bube = Boy )
Kosbab = Ziegenbub = shepherd but for goats.
So the first Kosbab’s might have been shepherds, or its why I refer to my brother as an old goat!


The fabulous news is our brand new web site that was launched in October 2013, and now incorporates a family tree, gallery as well as  a new appearance.

Importantly, we have retained the old family tree, pages and links.  We have done this in case there is information on the old pages that we may have yet to move to the new pages.